It’s Halloween in July at Inkcarceation Festival 2019.

Escape From Blood Prison is the annual Halloween hunted house attraction at The Historic Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. It typically runs from the end of September through early November every year. We are happy to offer this spooky experience at Inkcarceration Festival all weekend.

Once Blood Prison takes over the Reformatory it gets filled with bloodthirsty inmates waiting for victims to enter and try to make it through the facility alive! 

Wardens Family 2 (2).jpg

“ Its an honor to be able to open the doors of Blood Prison and give the guests of Inkcarceration a few scares in July! The crew at Inkcarceration are great to work with and The Warden, his Family, and the Blood Prison inmates are  all excited to meet the fans at Inkcarceration!"  - Haunt prison manager